Verklaring Cuba over resolutie EP

Declaración de la Comisión de Relaciones Internacionales de la Asamblea Nacional del Poder
Nuevamente fuerzas reaccionarias, subordinadas a las posturas más hostiles de los Estados
Unidos, han impuesto en el Parlamento Europeo una resolución contra Cuba con el pretexto
de presuntas violaciones de los derechos humanos.
Los promotores de ese engendro no han tenido el menor pudor al mentir sobre supuestos
casos de torturas y tratos crueles y degradantes cometidos contra defensores de los derechos
humanos, que es la manera en que se refieren a personas amparadas y pagadas desde Estados
Unidos para subvertir el orden constitucional en el país. Su empeño en proteger a vulgares
delincuentes y mercenarios, deja muy claro el menosprecio por los derechos humanos de los
cubanos, cuya principal violación, el bloqueo estadounidense contra Cuba, siquiera es
Los términos injerencistas y el más rancio lenguaje colonialista de la resolución aludida no
merecerían atención alguna si no fueran parte del burdo intento por aislar internacionalmente
a un país sometido a una guerra no convencional para imponerle un cambio de sistema
político contrario a su Constitución. Por esta vía, de paso, evitan pronunciarse sobre
verdaderas violaciones de los derechos humanos en Europa, en  Estados Unidos de América ,
en Israel y en otros países donde sí tienen lugar esas prácticas.
Semejante postura selectiva, cínica y reiterada atenta en primer orden contra la credibilidad
del Parlamento Europeo, y contrasta con las relaciones de respeto mutuo y el diálogo político
existentes entre Cuba y la Unión Europea.
Frente a los impulsores de un documento que encarna la ignominia de esa institución, se
alzaron firmes las voces de denuncia de eurodiputados opuestos a esta injusticia.
Agradecemos a ellos, a los 150 que se opusieron y a otros 119 que no respaldaron el
documento, por su postura ética.
La Comisión de Relaciones Internacionales de la Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular rechaza
categóricamente esta resolución y denuncia ante el mundo esta nueva agresión contra Cuba y
su pueblo.
La Habana, 17 de diciembre de 2021.

Havana Bienale

Dear Friends:

We are sending this link
“Yes to the Havana Biennial”, to receive their always support for Cuba in one of the campaigns that are being launched against our country.
Now on a subject as noble as it is art and culture,  which join peoples and fills our souls with fullness.

The XIV Biennial of Havana will be held from November 12, 2021 to April 20, 2022. There are more than 1000 signatures from 44 countries, including some european.

We appreciate your adherence through the link sent above. Also you could check our Facebook.



Best regrads,


Cuban Embassy

Kingdom of the Netherlands

Solidariteit in USA (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles U.S. Hands Off Cuba Committee                                                   

Coordinators: Brenda Lopez 310.259.9441                                      Mark Friedman 310.350.7515

For Immediate release: August 27, 2021

Puentes de Amor at L.A. Cuban Music Festival August 29.

Support Cuban Families. Press conference & caravan from East LA

When: 12 noon, Sunday, August 29, 2021

   Where: LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, 501 N. Main St.  Los Angeles, CA 90012

We join with hundreds of Cuban-Americans and others at this music festival who demand: end the US embargo and sanctions against Cuba, lift the travel and trade ban, allow financial remittances.

Cuban-Americans recently marched from Miami to Washington, and arrived July 25 for a national demonstration delivering 50,000 petitions to Biden demanding an end to the blockade & sanctions.

We shall caravan from Atlantic Park 10 am (570 S Atlantic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90022) to the press conference after participating in the Chicano Moratorium anniversary.

Press conference speakers will report on:

1.    ILWU Resolution against the blockade and $10,000 donation of medical aid to Cuba

2.    LA Cuban Americans speak out against the embargo, sanctions for ending travel & trade bans

3.     Medical aid collection efforts in LA, (#Syringes4Cuba has sent 6 million worth $550,000)

4.    Local, national and international efforts to end the US embargo, sanctions, trade and travel ban

5.    Exposing US backed disruptions in Cuba, #SOS campaign, threats of US military invasion


 The hidden hand of the US in Cuban protests should be understood in the context of a brutal  economic war waged by the United States against the island nation for more than 60 years.


Cuban President Díaz-Canel said” There were four sectors involved in the protests: radical supporters of the United States who waved that country’s flag during the protests and demanded intervention from Washington, criminals who took advantage of the situation to loot, people genuinely desperate due to the impact of the crisis due to the 60-year US embargo on their daily lives and young people who feel disenfranchised.”

A cyber-attack and internet disinformation campaign against the Cuban government’s website was part of the latest provocative interventions financed by Biden’s $250 million to destabilize Cuba. A large number of false accesses to the website came from 34 different I.P. addresses in the U.S., France, the U.K. and Turkey. #SOSCuba bot tweets coming from the US Embassy in Mexico to create the impression of mass anger. Use of phony pictures on Facebook, Instagram, CNN and other news services.

Car caravans, in over 70 cities in U.S., Europe, Canada, Latin America and Africa, were initiated by Miami’s Cuban-Americans, demanding an end to the economic, trade, and banking sanctions causing great economic  hardship in Cuba, an end to US attacks on right to travel, sending funds and family visits for residents of both nations.                                                                          Washington’s aggression against Cuba is particularly criminal in face of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cell: Mark Friedman: 310.350.7515, Brenda Lopez: 310.259.9441

(Please call Mark first since he is more readily available)


End the sanctions of Trump/Biden. LET CUBA LIVE.


Open brief aan Biden

Open Letter to President Biden on Cuban vaccines against COVID-19
August 11, 2021
We share with our readers the Open Letter regarding the Cuban vaccine and vaccine candidates and President Biden’s interfering statements.
President Biden:
You recently referred to Cuba at the White House saying: “I would be willing to administer significant quantities of vaccines if … an international organization would administer those vaccines and do so in a way that average citizens would have access to those vaccines.”  You also called Cuba a “failed state.”
These statements surprised many, including Americans who have had direct contact with the Cuban health care system.  It also outraged frontline Cuban health workers who risk their lives to contain the COVID epidemic in our country.  This does not reflect the Cuban reality and we regret that misinformation by malicious actors is influencing your political decisions.  As scientists, physicians and concerned citizens, we believe it is worthwhile to verify the reality of three assumptions implicit in your words.
Assumption one: International intervention is needed to ensure that all Cubans receive vaccines.
Assumption two: Cuba’s response to the pandemic has been dismal, symptomatic of a “failed state.”
Assumption three: U.S.-supplied vaccines are the only way to guarantee immunization against COVID-19 for Cuba’s 11 million inhabitants.
Assumption one: Need for external intervention to ensure access to vaccines
Let’s look at these assumptions one by one: the first assumption – that foreign intervention is needed to guarantee access to vaccines for all Cubans – suggests that Cuba’s deployment of vaccination campaigns is inefficient and discriminatory.
The facts do not support this assumption. In fact, as both UNICEF and the World Health Organization have confirmed, child vaccination rates in Cuba exceed 99%.  Immunization is part of our country’s universal public health system, free for all Cubans regardless of socioeconomic status, politics, religion, sex or race.
The national immunization program, created in 1962, covers the entire country.  Since 1999, all Cubans have been protected against 13 life-threatening diseases, including diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.  Eight of these vaccines are manufactured in Cuba.
As a result of high vaccination rates, we have not had a single case of measles in recent decades.  On the contrary, the CDC confirmed 1,282 cases of measles in the United States in 2019, and only 74% of children received all of the CDC-recommended vaccines.
The Finlay Vaccine Institute in Havana developed the world’s first effective vaccine against meningitis B (meningococcal disease) in 1989.  The annual incidence of this disease in Cuba dropped from 14.4 / 100,000 inhabitants to less than 0.1 / 100,000 since 2008, eliminating the disease as a public health problem in the country.
Several factors explain the success of Cuba’s national vaccination program: people trust easily accessible family doctors and nurses and health professionals at community polyclinics, making vaccine refusal very rare.  At the same time, the organizational capacities of the health system make the implementation of vaccination campaigns fast and reliable.  Finally, Cuban biotechnology research and production centers are well integrated with the needs of the public health system.
Cuba collaborates closely on vaccinations with the World Health Organization and UNICEF.  But neither of these agencies has ever suggested the need to intervene to administer vaccines in Cuba.  Rather, Cuban vaccine experts have been asked to assist in global efforts to eliminate polio, and WHO has called on our production facilities to export urgently needed vaccines to the “meningitis belt” in sub-Saharan Africa.
Assumption two: Cuba’s “failed” pandemic response.
It is puzzling why, with so many real COVID catastrophes in the Western Hemisphere, only Cuba is labeled a “failed state.”  In fact, Cuba has experienced a recent surge in cases that threatens to overwhelm the healthcare system in some parts of the country.  However, its response has been more effective than that of many other nations that have not received this harsh criticism from the United States.
All countries now face the challenge of new variants of COVID, such as the Delta variant, which is generating sharp increases in the number of cases.  Cuba is no exception in this regard.  What makes Cuba unique is the need to manage the epidemic under a crippling financial, trade and economic embargo imposed by the U.S. government for the past six decades.  The 243 additional restrictions imposed by the Trump administration, all of which are still in place under your presidency, were intended to close the few remaining loopholes in the embargo and thereby cut off revenue to Cuba.  This reduces the cash available to buy medical supplies and food, and delays the arrival of materials into the country.
Assumption three: The only route to immunity against COVID in Cuba is through U.S.-supplied vaccines.
This ignores the fact that more than two million Cubans, or nearly 30.2% of the population, have already been fully vaccinated, with vaccines developed in Cuba.
The Abdala vaccine received emergency use authorization from the Cuban regulatory authority on July 9, becoming the first vaccine to achieve this status in Latin America.  Abdala achieved 92% efficacy in Phase III clinical trials, while the Soberana vaccine reached 91% and is also close to emergency use authorization.  At the current rate of vaccination, the entire population could be reached by October or November.  The difficulties in this campaign, including imports of vital ingredients for vaccine production, are mainly due to the financial constraints imposed by U.S. sanctions.
If the U.S. government really wanted to help the Cuban people, it could reverse the 243 Trump-era measures, possibly with just a signature from the President.  Congress could also lift the sanctions altogether, as demanded every year by the overwhelming votes of the world’s nations at the UN General Assembly.
During the pandemic, science reiterates that (aside from politics) we are all in this situation together.  We are all threatened not only by disease, but also by the unprecedented challenge of climate change.  In this context, health systems in all countries must be supported, not undermined; and collaboration must be the order of the day.  All the more so, given the alarming shortage of vaccines worldwide, especially dangerous for low- and middle-income countries.  Several of them have already shown interest in acquiring Cuban vaccines, and we would argue that such a Cuban contribution to vaccine equity should be applauded by the Biden administration, not repressed.  The Cuban Democracy Act of 1992 (Part II.6) explicitly prohibits exports to Cuba from the United States in cases where: “the product to be exported could be used in obtaining any biotechnological result,” which includes vaccines.
We were able to get a glimpse of what the two countries could do together during the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa (2013-2016), when both countries struggled to contain the disease and save lives.  Obviously, the U.S. and Cuban governments differ on fundamental issues.  However, the world is full of such discrepancies.  The essential question, not only for Cuba and the United States, but also for human civilization, is whether nations can respect each other enough to exist side by side and cooperate.
President Biden, you can do a lot of good if you move in the right direction and take into consideration what the majority of Cubans living in Cuba want.  This does not include ignoring and undermining their public health care system, but it does include respect for the nation’s achievements.  Let’s hope that the shared threats posed by the COVID pandemic will lead to more collaboration, not more confrontation.  History will be the judge.
Signed by scientists, physicians and concerned citizens of Cuba and the world.

Lieve vrienden

Lieve vrienden,

Bijgaand vindt u de Verklaring over de ware geschiedenis van de zogenaamde Cubaanse opstand.

Ik nodig je uit om er eens naar te kijken en je geest en je hart te openen voor het echte Cuba, rekening houdend met de feiten en niet de propaganda die wordt gepresenteerd op sociale mediaplatforms en de onverantwoordelijke en banale oefening van veel media die de afgelopen jaren hebben bewezen een factor in het manipuleren van de publieke opinie in veel gevallen, en niet het bevorderen van een objectieve en onpartijdige analyse van de feiten.

Voel je vrij om te verspreiden, commentaar of post.

Vriendelijke groeten,
Soraya Alvarez            

Verklaring van de Commissie Interne Betrekkingenvan de Nationale Vergadering van de Volksmacht People We richten ons tot parlementen, parlementaire vriendschapsgroepen en wetgevers, om te reageren op de immense, meedogenloze politieke en media-operatie georkestreerd en gefinancierd door Washington en gepropageerd via sociale media, automatisch gerepliceerd om honderdduizenden tweets en dergelijke te genereren aantal volgers, met intensief gebruik van robots, algoritmen en accounts nieuw gemaakt voor de gelegenheid; allemaal met de steun van de internationale media en de informatietransnationalen.Ze hebben aangezet tot geweld, misdaad, wanorde en sociale ongedisciplineerdheid, terwijlde wereld een totaal, schandalig verwrongen beeld van onze realiteit als onderdeel vande onconventionele oorlogvoering georkestreerd en gefinancierd door Washington tegen onzeland, gericht op het veranderen van het systeem dat vrij en soeverein is gekozen door onzemensen, zoals bekrachtigd door de op 10 april 2019 goedgekeurde grondwet, met 86,85% vandegenen die hebben gestemd, in een democratische verkiezing met een hoge opkomst.Met totale schaamteloosheid hebben ze wereldwijd gemanipuleerde beelden verspreidvan evenementen in andere landen om aan te tonen, zoals aangegeven in hun handleidingen, dat:Cuba mist bestuurbaarheid, dat de natie in chaos verkeert, terwijl het internerepressie die niet bestaat.In de greep van een pandemie die zo ernstig is voor de mensheid – die in Cuba, zoals destatistieken laten zien, krijgt permanente, goede aandacht – de Amerikaanse regering, niettevreden met de escalatie van de criminele en genocidale blokkade en financiëlevervolging tot perverse uitersten en het toepassen van 243 onmenselijke maatregelengedurende de laatste vier jaar in een poging om ons volk te verstikken; nu zijn ze van planom de weg vrij te maken voor militaire agressie, onder het bekende voorwendsel van:“humanitaire interventie”, in strijd met onze wetten, het internationaal recht en deVN-Handvest. Zoals blijkt uit de afbeeldingen die zijn verspreid, zijn er ongeregeldheden, en verschillende groepen in bepaalde plaatsen hebben daden van vandalisme, fysieke schade aangericht, doodsbedreigingen geuit en ernstig begaan aanvallen, het verstoren met flagrante criminele handelingen van de rechtsstaat die kenmerkt ons land. De sociale opstand die zo krachtig wordt gepromoot en waar Washington naar hunkert, heeft niet…gebeurde.Als gevolg van meer dan 60 jaar blokkade hebben we problemen opgestapeld die:verergerd door de pandemie, de enorme kosten die het met zich meebrengt en de economische crisis die het met zich meebrengt genereert.Het Cubaanse volk, verenigd, vastberaden en ondernemend, moet oplossingen zoeken en -zoals altijd in het verleden – voortbouwen op en implementeren van sociaaleconomische strategieën, vooruitgang met creativiteit en corrigeren waar nodig, confronterend met intelligentie en de economische oorlog durven aangaan die ertegen wordt gevoerd, die het belangrijkste obstakel vormt tot ontwikkeling en de volledige uitoefening van de mensenrechten.Laat u niet misleiden: het Cubaanse volk zal vooruitgaan met zijn partij en regeringonder leiding van president Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, met de Nationale Assemblee vande Volksmacht en haar Raad van State die hen vertegenwoordigt, en met hunciviele instellingen en organisaties.Onze mensen zijn doordrenkt met de waarden van eenheid, vrede, eendracht, respect, solidariteit, liefde en patriottisme, klaar om hun onafhankelijkheid en soevereiniteit te verdedigen met vrijmoedigheid en moed, tegen elke prijs.We doen een beroep op de wetgevers wereldwijd om hun stem te laten horen en te pleiten voor een einde aan:de genocidale blokkade en toepassing van Titel III van de Helms-Burton Act; voorverwijdering van Cuba van de valse en illegale lijst van landen Sponsors vanTerrorisme; om een ​​einde te maken aan interventionistische acties, aan pogingen om een ​​“zachte” coup”, tot deze massale campagne van leugens om hun misdaden te rechtvaardigen, die in het heden case draagt ​​bij aan de verspreiding van de pandemie; voor respect voor het zelf vastberadenheid en soevereiniteit van het Cubaanse volk; voor Washington om gehoor te geven aan de internationale gemeenschap, die herhaaldelijk heeft gemanifesteerd bij de VN, de miljoenen wereldwijd en de bevolking van Cuba, die de opheffing van de economische, financiële en handelsblokkade tegen ons land. 17 juli 2021″Jaar 63 van de revolutie”Internationale Betrekkingen Commissie van deNationale Vergadering van de Volksmacht 





Verklaring Nationale Vergadering Cuba

Declaration by the Internal Relations Commission

of the National Assembly of the People’s Power


We address ourselves to parliaments, parliamentary friendship groups and legislators, to respond to the immense, brutal political and media operation orchestrated and financed by Washington and propagated via social media, replicated automatically to generate hundreds of thousands of tweets and a similar number of followers, with the intensive use of robots, algorithms and accounts newly created for the occasion; all with the support of the international media and the information transnationals.

They have incited to violence, to crime, to disorder and to social indiscipline, while portraying to the world a totally, scandalously twisted view of our reality as part of the unconventional warfare orchestrated and financed by Washington against our country, aimed at changing the system freely and sovereignly chosen by our people, as endorsed by the Constitution approved on 10 April 2019, by 86.85% of those who voted, in a democratic election with a high turnout.

With utter shamelessness, they have disseminated worldwide, manipulated images of events in other countries to demonstrate, as instructed in their manuals, that Cuba lacks governability, that the nation is in chaos, while alleging internal repression which does  not exist.

In the throes of a pandemic of such gravity for mankind – which in Cuba, as the statistics show, receives permanent, proper attention – the US government, not satisfied with having escalated the criminal and genocidal blockade and financial persecution to perverse extremes and having applied 243 inhuman measures during the last four years in an attempt to stifle our people; now they are planning to prepare the ground for military aggression, with the familiar pretext of “humanitarian intervention”, in violation of our laws, of international law and of the UN Charter.

As is apparent from the images that have been disseminated, there have been disturbances, and various groups in certain localities have committed acts of vandalism, caused physical damage, made death threats and committed serious assaults, disrupting with flagrantly criminal acts the state of law and order that characterizes our country 

The social uprising so vigorously promoted and craved by Washington has not happened.

As a result of over 60 years of blockade, we have accumulated problems that are aggravated by the pandemic, the huge expense it implies and the economic crisis it generates.

The Cuban people, united, determined and enterprising, must seek solutions and – as always in the past – build on and implement socioeconomic strategies, progress with creativity and rectify where necessary, while confronting with intelligence and daring the economic war waged against it, which constitutes the primary obstacle to development and the full exercise of human rights.

Do not be deceived: the Cuban people will advance with its party and government headed by President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, with the National Assembly of the People’s Power and its Council of State which represents them, and with their civil institutions and organizations.

Our people are imbued with the values of unity, peace, concord, respect, solidarity, love and patriotism, ready to defend their independence and sovereignty with boldness and courage, at any cost.

We appeal to the legislators worldwide to raise their voices and call for an end to the genocidal blockade and application of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act; for removal of Cuba from the spurious and illegal list of countries Sponsors of Terrorism; for an end to interventionist actions, to attempts to bring about a “soft coup”, to this massive campaign of lies to justify their crimes, which in the present case contributes to the propagation of the pandemic; for respect for the self-determination and sovereignty of the Cuban people; for Washington to heed the international community, which has repeatedly manifested at the UN, the millions worldwide and the people of Cuba, demanding the lifting of the economic, financial and commercial blockade against our country.


17 July 2021

“Year 63 of the Revolution”

                                                               International Relations Commission of the

                                                               National Assembly of the People’s Power